The swimming pool is a 50 metre, eight lane pool with unique features. The moveable boom can be deployed to create a range of configurations:

  • Standard 50 metre pool
  • Two 25 metre pools
  • 40 metre and 10 metre pools
  • 10m adjustable floor section
  • Timing system
  • Water polo

The depth of the 10m section can then be altered by the use of the hydraulic floor from 2 metres to deck level. This creates an ideal water space for learning to swim, building water confidence and rehabilitation.

This diverse water space can provide a full size water polo pitch to championship/gala pool, complete with Omega timing equipment.

The swimming pool is available for general swimming, take a look at our timetable for your open swim times, also available for bookings and private hire, make an application to enquire about pool hire here

In addition the pool also features

  • Diving platforms
  • Springboards
  • Omega adjustable starting blocks
  • Anti wave lane ropes
  • Spectator seating (up to 150)

Basic Dimensions

50 metre by 18 metre and a depth range of 2 metres to 3.80 metres

No.1 - 25 metre by 18 metre and depth range 2 metres to 2 metres

No.2 - 25 metre by 18 metre and depth range 2 metres to 3.8 metres