All you need can be found in the fitness studio, providing you with an all-round workout or targeting specific goals. Our team of qualified professional instructors are there to assist you achieve your goals.

located on the first floor the gym can offer you a safe clean environment to train with;

  •  33 pieces of cv including;
    • bikes
    • treads
    • rowers
    • cross-trainers
    • Wattbikes
  • 14 resistance machines
  • 5 free-weights stations
  • core strength and stability area

Looking for something more, extra motivation or assistance hitting those goals? why not look at PT packages, take advantage of our fitness teams diverse knowledge and PT offers to really boost your training.

Support your training, look at the fitness classes we have to offer, book your class now. We have a membership to meet your demands which you can tailor suit your needs, take out one of our unique memberships now and start reaping the benefits. 

Personal Training

Looking for additional support to meet your fitness and training targets?

Meet our fitness instructors who will be more than happy to assist you with you goals. Each of our instructor have a passion for fitness with a wide a varied background.

Check out their profiles below and explore the Personal training options available to you.

Test definitions

Skin fold analysis

A method used to determine body fat percentage

Lactate Threshold

This test involves a small pin prick at the tip of a finger to collect blood samples whilst carrying out a graded exercise protocol

Estimated Vo2 Max

For this test we use a Watt bike to test the maximum amount of oxygen the body can use during a period of intense exercise

Vertical Jump

Test used to define lower body power. Involves a two footed jump straight up into the air

Grip Strength

Test used to define upper body strength. involves gripping a handle as tightly as possible

Sit and Reach

Test used to define flexibility. Involves sitting on the floor with your legs out in front and reaching forward

Sprint Test

Test used to define speed. Run as fast as you can over a set distance

Bleep Test

Test used to define aerobic endurance. Includes running between 20m markers, gradually increasing the speed

Illinois Agility Test

Test used to define agility. Test involves running around a course marked out by cones with sharp turns and weaves

Pull Ups

Test used to define upper body endurance. Number of pull ups completed in one set without rest

1 Rep Max

Test used to define strength. The maximum amount of weight moved for one repetition

Team/Group Testing

Bespoke packages available, for teams/squads and groups. 

Ideal for pre-season assessments and reviews.

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