Terms & Conditions for Membership
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

1.1 `The Centre` is any club managed by either Aspire Defence Services Limited or any of their subsidiary or associate companies ("the Company"). The managed centre premises are located at Rawlinson Road, North Camp, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 2LQ or such other premisies as the company shall provide.

2.1The company shall through its duly authorised representative manage and operate the Centre amd deal with all matters in relation to it.
2.2 Registered in England and Wales No 4556471. Registered Office Aspire Business Centre, Ordnance Road, Tidworth, Wiltshire SP9 7QD.

3.1 The decision to accept the application to a potential member shall be at the sole discretion of the Company. The Company reserves the right to verify , or require proof of all information given in order to obtain membership and any fraudulent or wrongful information given in order to obtain such membership could result in the cancellation of all membership rights and lead to the repayment of all monies due to the company. If the membership application is accepted by the company, membership of the centre by the applicant shall commence upon the receipt of the start-up fee, admin fee and upon the date of this agreement. Upon acceptance of the member by the centre, a membership card remains the property of the company and entitles the holder to all the rights and priveliges excercisible by the category of membership of the holder.
3.2 The acceptance by the company of an application for membership of the centre shall constitute a legally binding agreement between the member and the company. The member hereby agrees also to be bound by the rules, bylaws and regulations of the centre which are in force at the time.
3.3 Membership cards are issued to all current members and must be shown at Centre reception to gain entry every time a visit is made to the Centre. Membership cards may only be used by the registered member and any fraudulent use of the membership card by the member will result in cancellation of that membership with no refund being made by the Company. Lost or damaged membership cards will be subject to a replacement charge being made by the company.

4.1 The member acknowledges that the Company`s obligations and liabilities in respect of the Centre are exhaustively defined in this agreement.
4.2 The member is responsible for consequences of any of the use of the facilities of the Centre. The Company will not be liable for any indirect or consequenial loss, damage, costs, expenses, theft or damage to property, wheteher arising under contract, tort (including negligance) or otherwise.
4.3 The Company accepts the liability to the extent that it results from the negligence of the Company and its employees for death or personal injury without limit.

5.1 The member warrants and also represents that they are in good health and are not knowingly incapable of engaging in either active or passive exercise. The member further warrants that such exercise would not be detrimental to their health, saftey, comfort well-being or physical condition.
5.2 Before using any Centre`s Fitness Room facilities the member must be issued a " Health Commitment Statement" and complete an inuction.

6.1 The Company may assign the benefit of these terms and conditions of membership to a third party on similar terms and conditions without notice being served upon the member to that effect.

7.1 Membership shall be Aspire membership or other type of membership. The categories of membership are Single, Joint, Family, Junior, Corporate and Other. All categories of membership shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions of Membership and to the rules, bylaws and regulations of the Centrre which are in force at the time.
7.2 All Full Members shall be at least 16 years of age.
7.3 Joint Membership shall be available. Joint and family memberships are available on condition that payment is made from one bank account. A Family Membership would be available to two adults and their children under the age of sixteen years residing at the same address.
7.4 Other categories of membership shall be stipulated from the company from time to time.
7.5 In case of Joint, Family or Corporate Memberships signature of this agreement by one member shall constitute acceptence of these Terms and Conditions by all persons included in such membership and reference in these Terms and Conditions to "member" shall include all such persons.
7.6 It is a requirement that all such members that they produce upon application one form of ID - either passport , driving licence or birth certificate and one form of address identification either recent utility bill, council bill or mobile phone contract bill. Junior members only require ID.

8.1 All full members shall pay an initial start up fee and admin fee for the sum specified which shall become payable immediately.
8.2 The member is liable to pay all membership fees irrespective of actual usage of the Centre.
8.3 All Monthly payments shall be paid by Direct Debit and are payable in advance. Pre-Paid Annual memberships will be taken in full upon signature of the contract.
8.4 The Company reserves the right to increase membership fees on each anniversary of the original joining date. The member will be given written notice of the fees that will apply for the following 12 months at least 30 days prior to the end of each monthly priod. A member may at the discretion of the club freeze their membership for a period of one month and a maximum of three months. An administration fee will be payable for each month their membership is frozen, by way of direct debit (if applicable) or as ptherwise indicated by the company. Applications must be recieved in writing.
8.5 If any payment whatsoever under this contract remains outstanding beyond the due date, the member`s signature on the Membership Applicatiion Form shall constitute the members unconditional and irrevocable authority to the Centre to debit the nominated Credit/Debit Card with the totalamount due without notice to the member.
8.6 Lapses in Membership payment may incur a new start-up fee and admin fee.
8.7 Members who fail to attend pre-booked activities will be charged the full casual fee for the activity in question.

9.1 Membership with the Company ( on terms and Conditions of the Company which apply to rolling motnh to month direct debit memberships, a copy of which has been supplied to the member pursuant to condition and is available to the member without charge on request) unless written notice is recieved by the company wihin 10 days of the joining date, terminating the membership. A member can cancel their membership by giving the Company written notice of any cancellation at least 15 days prior to the next direct debit payment date. It is the responsibility of the member to cancel the direct debit instruction with their bank.
9.2 The member has the right to cancel this agreement by sending or taking a written notice of cancellation to the Company. You have 10 days starting with the day after you receive this agreement to cancel. If you cancel the company shall refund in full the Start-p fee, admin fee and first monthly membership instalment. In no other circumstances will fees be refunded by the company.
9.3 Membership fees shall not be refunded by the Company where the member chooses not to attend the Centre.

9.4 The Company may expel members or may terminate the membership of any member.
9.5 Without notice and with immediate effect if the members conduct , whether or not such conduct is the subject of a complaint by another member or group of members, is such that in the reasonable opinion of the company, it may be injurious to te character, name or interests of the Centre or is such that it renders the member unfit to associate with other members of the centre.
9.6 Forthwith and without notice if the member shall have commited any breach of these Terms and Conditions or of the rules, bylaws and regulations of the Centre as in force from time to time.
9.7 By notice in writing if any part of the annual membership fee or monthly membership charge which is due and payable remains unpaid thirty days after the due date of payment.
9.8 Upon not less than thirty days notice in writing if the company is of the opinion that the member is not a suitable individual for continuous membership of the centre.
9.9 A member whose membership is terminated by the company shall forfeit all the priveliges of membership with immediate effect without an entitlement to any claim for any refund of their annual membership fee. on termination of their membership, the member shall return forthwith their membership card.

10.1 Certain Categories of memberships do not include all of the Centre`s services and facilities. Services and facilities not so included , may be provided at an additional charge at the comapnay`s discretion.
10.2 The company reserves the right to make reasonable alterations to the type of facilities provided without notice and the company shall not be liable for any inconvenience caused by building works and for the provision of essential maintenance services.

11.1 The Centre`s normal hours of operation and the hours in which any facilities within the Centre are available to members from the company upon request or as displayed on the website, such hours may be lengthened or shortened at the absolute discretion of the company with or without any prior notice given to members. The Company shall endeavour to give members reasonable notice of change to such hours.
11.2 On occasions when necessary maintenence is required, the Centre may be closed, for which members will be given fourteen days prior notice of any such closure will only be made at the sole discretion of the Company.

12.1 By making a booking you agree to the following terms and conditions:
References to `you` and `your` will be deemed to the hirer both jointly and severally, any employees, servants or agents.
The premises means the facilities you are hiring.
The `Hire` means the temporary use or non-exclusive occupation of a facility.
12.2 Applications must be made on the appropriate form/application, at least 28 days before the date requested. We have the right to refuse any application.
12.3 The hire in not a tenancy and does not confer on You the right to exclude any person acting for us.
12.4 This agreement is personal to you and may not be used by anyone else.
12.5 We accept no liability for damage of property or articles belonging to you.
12.6 You will:
i. only use land for the purpose stated in the booking:
ii. maintain public liability insurance for your use with the minimum cover of £5m:
iii. indemnify us against all losses and claims arising from your use of land/facility
iv. access the land/ facility safely:
v. not obstruct any access ways, highways, footpaths or verges or encroach onto other parts of the estate.
vi. be responsible dor any damage caused during your occupation:
vii. leave the premises tidy, removing anthing you brought onto the premises including any rubbish. If we have to tidy up after you, you will pay our additional costs:
viii. make good any alterations to the premises to a standard wich existed before the alterations were made. If we have to make good after you, you will pay our additional costs:
ix. return all equipment in the same condition as it was at the commencement of the hire. You will pay the full cost for any repair or replacement required:
x. not do or allow anything to be done which in our opinion constitutes a nuisance, danger, annoyance to or in any way interfere with other users, us, our servants, agents or the quiet comfort and enjoyment of allother persons rightfully usinfg the premises or adjoining accomodation:
xi. not undermine the published rules for the premises . We reserve the right to exclude from the premises anyone breaking the rules and/or causing a nuisance.
xii. comply with the requirement to make suitable checks on individuals who intend to work with children or vulnerable adults during the hire period, prior to such period:
xiii. comply with the risk control measures that form part of the risk assessment for the premises.

12.8 You are required to give 24 hours notice to us for any court/ activity and or class you cannot attend in which case a full refund will be given.
12.9 Block booking cancellations require a minimum of 48nhours notice to us. Notification to us in less than 48 hours will result in you being charged for the full booking.
12.10 Cancellations by us will be refunded or depending on the circumstance exchanged for another session within the same block booking period.
12.11 Full payment is to be made monthly in advance. Full payment must be made prior to the use of any facility. Please make cheques payable to Aspire Defence Services Ltd, Alder Garr Sport at the AGSC address. Bank credits: HSBC Bank PLC, PO Box 125, 8 Canada Square London E14 5xl Sort Code: 400250 Account: 91286137

13.1Personal Data about you. ADSL will hold this data about you in the Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre Office, in a locked storage location and electronically in the Legend system for the duration of your membership. In some instances this data may be shared with third parties for processing, for example to manage your membership payments. For further information on how your information is used, how we maintain the security of your information, and your rights to access information we hold on you, please contact ADSLDataProtection@aspiredefence.co.uk

14.1 This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the parties hereby agree to submit any disputes to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.